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MEIXIN Disposable Respirators

Fearures and benefits:


1.Filtering face-piece respirator.

2.Filters solid and liquid aerosols.


4.Adjustable nosepiece.

5.Buckle adjustment.

6.Facial foam.

7.Exhalation valve.



1. Polypropylene outer layer provides smooth lining and avoids loose fibers.

2. Embossed fringe seal avoids fluffy open layer around the edges.

3. Contour design ensures the compatibility of spectacles/goggles and reduces fogging.

4. Adjustable nosepiece ensures custom shape and increases worker comfort and acceptance.

5. Improved contour fit with adjustable buckles. Easy breathing/Speaking. Clear vision. Free maintenance (disposable item).

6. The ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certified production guarantees the reliability / regularity of the production and the control of the environmental impact.


Meixin FFP3 mask (5 per pack)

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