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This 5 litre container of DuoMax Anti Microbial Hand Sanitiser, is a perfect cost saving way to refill your dispenser.

One of the most important measures for preventing the spread of pathogens is effective hand hygiene and that’s why DuoMax Hand Sanitiser is an essential tool in personal hygiene.

No matter where you are or what situation you are in, DuoMax Anti Microbial Hand Sanitiser is quick and easy for de-bugging and cleaning your hands with no water or towel required. This alcohol free foam kills germs, cleans hands, removes odour and doesn’t dry out hands or irritate skin. The foam forms a rich lather which spreads easily over hands and between fingers covering all parts of the hand making it more efficient but still leaves hands dry quickly.

  • No water or towel required
  • The perfect tool for personal protection
  • Does not dry out hands or irritate skin
  • Alcohol free

DuoMax 5L Hand Sanitiser Liquid Refill

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