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 the CELOX Granules in a 15g sachet, is proven to save lives and reliably stop arterial bleeding. CELOX Granules mould to the shape of the wound, even in complex shape injuries.

The Celox granules mould to the shape of the wound to get firm pressure on to the source of the bleeding even in complex shaped injuries.

When mixed with blood, Celox forms a robust gel like clot in 30 seconds. It works independently of the bodies normal clotting processes. Celox’s clotting ability has been proven to work in the cold (hypothermia) or in the presence of common anti-coagulants such as warfarin. It generates no heat and will not burn the casualty or care giver.

Celox is suitable for
A wide range of bleeding wounds
Arterial and venous bleeding
Surface and deep wounds
Lacerations, grazes and minor cuts

Celox has been shown to:Save lives
Reliably stop arterial bleeding
Significantly reduce blood loss
Clot blood containing anticoagulants like Coumadin (warfarin)
Clot hypothermic (cold) blood
Generate no heat.

Celox 15g granules

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